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Is your Dream Home priced too high to get a conforming mortgage? Then talk to Advisors Mortgage Group who has many non-conforming jumbo loan products that will fit your needs.

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3 facts about jumbo mortgages

3 facts about jumbo mortgages

Did you know that standard mortgages have limits? Mortgage loan companies only allow home buyers to take out certain amounts to pay for their homes. These are called conforming mortgages. But if you want a high-end home, you need a loan that will help you afford it.

Here are three things you should know about getting a non-conforming loan in Toms River, NJ:

  1. Most conforming mortgages have a limit of $453,100. Mortgage limits vary by county, not just state.
  2. A non-conforming loan will allow you to pay for a more expensive home that you couldn't buy with a conforming mortgage.
  3. You can still get competitive interest rates when you take out a non-conforming loan. You could even pay less in interest than you would if you took out a conforming loan combined with a second mortgage.

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